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How GRASbarrasing

2020 sure was the year where you had to laugh, not cry! We recently asked you to share all the weird and wonderful embarrassing moments of GRAS life and wow - did you deliver! We've compiled the best of the best embarrassing moments anonymously submitted by our very own members and collated them to round out your week with some laughs.

Miss out submitting this time round? Make a submission for next time round here.


On one of my grad rotations I looked at the contact card of a distribution list for a random division and accidentally clicked the “Skype message” button. Which then created a group Skype conversation with no less than 60 people!


I once had a manager who could never be bothered talking to people on the phone - so they made me do it a couple of times. And one time I had no idea what I was talking about (I never really did but it was especially bad this time) and it turned into a conversation where I was the middle man relaying what the lady on the phone was saying/asking and my Managers response - like I did for my Mum when I was a kid. I was so embarrassed and I felt like a fool!


I completely forgot about my budget lunch outfit - I didn't realise that it was a dressy affair, so I showed up in a cropped, tie die hoodie that said Good Vibes and I couldn't just take it off because I was just wearing a singlet underneath. I still get made fun of by my team about that. But I am thinking about making it my budget outfit!


I had just logged into one of our many GRADS zoom training sessions led by an external agency. We were still waiting for a few more people to join so I thought it was a good chance to get to the toilet before the session started. I turned off my camera and went about my business. When I returned to my desk, I realised that I hadn't muted myself but had gone to the toilet with doors wide open. Could people have heard me in the toilet? Perhaps the sound wasn't captured... but my room is relatively close to the toilet... These thoughts were racing through my head. The training session began and before we went on our morning tea break an hour later, the facilitator advised everyone to turn off our cameras AND mute ourselves so everyone doesn't hear what you get up to during the break. Was this targeted at me? Had people heard me going to the loo? I guess I will never find out …


At the start of Covid, I decided to buy an exercise bike so I could keep active during lockdown. Not long after, we had a Teams meeting where the Employee Assistance Program was presenting so I decided to jump on the bike while listening to the presentation. 15 minutes later the presenter was wrapping up and asked "how's everyone feeling about that?". Thinking I was on mute, I said out loud to myself "sweaty!". Turns out, I wasn't on mute, and the presenter responds - 'ummm, did someone say sweaty?'. I just stayed silent, pretending it wasn't me while slowly dying of humiliation inside!

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