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GRAS Charter Update

We are in the process of updating the GRAS Charter. GRAS is a non-for profit incorporated association that is governed by our Charter.


Our charter aims to:

  • provide guidance to members of the GRAS Committee on how GRAS is run

  • ensure that GRAS is run in a transparent manner and is accountable to its membership

  • clearly outline the rights, duties, and responsibilities of GRAS Committee Members. 

The major updates to the Charter are:

  • Changes to reflect Consumer Affairs Victoria's model rules 

To view the proposed Charter, click here.

The new Charter will be tabled at our next Annual General Meeting on 6 July 2021. Register your attendance here!

Upcoming Events


  • Coffee Roulette
    Coffee Roulette
    Time is TBD
    Microsoft Teams
    Time is TBD
    Microsoft Teams
    Time is TBD
    Microsoft Teams
    Coffee roulette matches you up with other GRAS members! It gives you the chance to connect with other and learn about areas you probably didn't know existed! Register your interest today!

If you want to register for any of these events or find out more, please check the bulletin or send us a message.

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