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Are you a 2022 VPS Graduate Recruit? Click here for more information about GRAS and how to join!


First established in 1998, the Graduate Recruit Alumni Society (GRAS) works to support a stronger social and professional development network within the graduate and graduate alumni community. GRAS currently has over 500 members who have entered the Victorian Public Service (VPS) through graduate programs, including the Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme.


GRAS brings members regular news and events. This includes social events like weekly Friday night drinks, sports teams, an annual ball and special trivia nights and snow trips, as well as professional development news and seminars.


GRAS is a not-for-profit organisation that has no political affiliation and does not directly form part of the VPS.


GRAS membership provides free or discounted lifetime access to GRAS events, and ensures you remain updated with graduate and alumni news and events.

Annual Report


Each year GRAS takes the time to reflect back on the year completed and celebrate our achievements.

Through our annual report we acknowledge the hard work put in by the whole committee for the year and highlight some of our achievements. This year's annual report reflects on the great professional development and alumni events held throughout the year, including a informative HR sticky notes series.  It highlights a year of successful social events, including the GRAS Ball and Ski Trip.


Click the button below to download our Annual Report 2019-20. 



GRAS is an not-for-profit, incorporated association governed by our Charter.


The Charter aims to:

  • provide guidance to members of the GRAS Committee on how GRAS is run

  • ensure that GRAS is run in a transparent manner and is accountable to its membership

  • clearly outline the rights, duties, and responsibilities of GRAS Committee Members. 


We are currently in the process of updating our Charter. 


Click the button below to download our new proposed Charter. It will be tabled at our Annual General Meeting on 6 July 2021 where it will be subject to a vote by members.

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