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Piecing Together Your Career: Limitless Potential

VPS Graduate alumni Cheng reflects on the many opportunities presented by VPS GRADS.

Life is like a box of Lego, all possibilities only bounded by your imagination. There are parts you start with, parts you add, and parts you lose along the way. Unlike the Lego box, there is no instruction manual for your life or for your career.

Astronaut, Prime Minister or Rapper - all career options I had for myself when I was growing up. Yet the words "so what do you want to do?" are often the most dreaded words on the ears of someone leaving uni. As I matured and developed over the years, experiencing leadership in a volunteer organisation as well as working in hospitality, I knew I wanted to work in a role where I had positive impact on everyday lives. I had gained confidence with public speaking, writing and analysing data through my experiences and education. This led me into my role as a graduate in the VPS GRADS program. The diverse and inclusive environment, chance to positively contribute towards a better life for all Victorians and opportunity to be supported in the development from student to professional really drew me to the opportunity.

A key benefit of the VPS GRADS program is the rotations, the chance to experience 3 realities in one year is very valuable. Each department has its own culture and history, with that you get an opportunity to add onto your career the pieces that make sense for you. For example, is there a training session or event that your department can provide for you? Is there a project you can work on? Take full advantage of your rotation. It may take a while to be fully clear on the direction and pathway for your career, but as you keep trying to piece the Lego together in different ways, you will know well and clear when it starts to form into a shape you are able to see clearly.

Sadly, GRADS this year won’t get to experience all 3 rotations. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have less opportunities. 2020 VPS GRADS are living a unique GRAD year that no cohort before them has had the chance to experience.

Don't be scared if a role you like is different to your home role or what you might have thought you would be involved in. After all, the instructions in the box of Lego is just a guide, a combination. You can make anything you like. The foundations you build now can last you a lifetime and set your career and life to reach new heights. Just like a box of Lego, the only limit is your imagination.

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