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  • GRAS Membership

    Lifetime Membership
    • Unlimited insider access to all VPS Graduate events!
    • From professional development with senior meet and greets...
    • To those exclusive invites to Friday night drinks!

Join our community of over 600 GRAS members and receive free or discounted access to all our social and professional development events.


GRAS organises social networking opportunities for our members. This begins with a welcome barbeque for new graduates every year, and includes events such as our annual ball, Friday night meet-ups, end of rotation drinks (for GRADS graduates completing their three departmental rotations), board games/trivia nights, ski trips and much more.

GRAS also provides professional development opportunities for our members. Recent events have included seminars on topics such as career progression and mental health in the workplace. In addition to our networking events,  including reunions, networking evenings, GRAS offers a monthly coffee roulette to support direct networking across the Victorian public sector.


A weekly email bulletin allows GRAS to stay in touch with our members. In addition to our website, we are also on Facebook and LinkedIn which helps our members stay connected. For more information, check out our About Us page.


Our organization appreciates the enthusiasm and generosity of our volunteers and members, with every contribution going towards making GRAS better for our community.

Membership fee:


A GRAS membership is for life. GRAS charges a small one-time membership fee of $20. Non-graduates may also apply to become a member. 

Sign-up email:  Please use an email address you will have access to throughout all your graduate rotations (i.e. a personal email), as you will most likely be assigned a new email for each rotation.

This is the main form communication we will have with you, so pick wisely.

You wouldn't want to miss out on any of the upcoming events would you?

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